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Izvestia of the USUE № 3-4 (47-48) 2013



Golomolzina N. V., Dyatel Ye. P., Richter K. K. Inframarginal Economics as a Vector of Contemporary Economic Theory Development

Gabdullin R. B. Managing Economic Systems in the Post-Crisis Period: Theory and Genesis of Methodological Approaches

Ponomaryova S. I. Political Economy Analysis of the Financial Nature of Modern Capitalism


Pyankova S. G. Strategic Planning as a Basis for Institutional Development of Single-Industry Territory

Legotin F. Ya., Shishkina A. A.Comprehensive System of Economic Risks at Ferrous Metallurgy Enterprises

Kulkova I. A., Pesha A. V.Studying the Possibilities and Results of Managerial Impact on Corporate Culture of the Services Sector Organizations


Boldyreva N. B., Parfenov A. A. The System of the Crisis Phenomena Indicators in the Russian Stock Market: Dynamics and Anticipating Properties

Zvyagintseva N. A. Regional Securities Market as a Mechanism to Attract Investment: Assessing the Effects of Russia’s Accession to the WTO (Case of Irkutsk Oblast)

Fedotov D. Yu. Fulfillment of Pension Obligations by Russian Employers

Perchun R. I., Petrova T. A. Peculiarities of the Financial Soundness Evaluation of the Republic of Moldova

Kasperovich Yu. V., Сhorny A. Yu. The Tax Policy in Ukraine in the System of Financial-Economic Regulation

Nasyrova G. A. State Regulation of Competition in the Insurance Market


Danilenko N. N., Arbatskaya Ye. A. Methodology to Assess the Competitiveness of Services Sector Enterprises

Vershinin V. P., Mezentsev Ye. M. Approaches to Segmentation of Consumers of Unified Goods

Borisov I. A., Ilyukhin A. A., Andreeva L. A. The Structure of Employees’ Remuneration in the Labour Market of Ural Region: Impact of Firm’s Motives on Optimal Contract


Greyz G. M., Katochkov V. M., Markovsky V. A. Logistical Optimization of Industrial Enterprise’s Material Resources Management


Kladov M. N. The “Pure Language” Concept and the Aesthetic in the Language of Translation


Shilovtsev A. V., Stozhko K. P. On Social Security of the Individual in Russian History (Social-Philosophical Aspects)


Timkin V. A., Lazarev V. A., Minukhin L. A. Pressure-Membrane Whey Processing Technology as a Factor of Regional Food Security


Rybakov Yu. S.Controlling the Quality of Waste Waters and Leaching Solutions during Chemical Reclamation of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Ores and Rocks’ Dumps

Vlasova Ye. Ya., Gnevasheva Ye. N. Integration of Measures as a Reserve of Increasing the Efficiency of Target Complex Programs on Ecology


Yegorov V. V. The Steps of Academic Career: History and Modernity

Yarin G. A. State Property in the Management System of Metal- and Ore-Consuming Enterprises

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