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Journal of New Economy was founded in 1999 by Ural State University of Economics as an open access scientific peer-reviewed print title devoted to the issues of economic development and growth.

The mission of the journal is to create an effective platform for academic interaction of authors and readers. In line with the specialization, the journal seeks for works devoted to theoretical, methodological and practical issues of economic growth and economic systems’ development.

The principal objective of the periodical is to foster the development of economic science by presenting fundamental and practically significant academic achievements of Russian and foreign researchers.

The English version of the journal has been published since 2021. It is registered with the ISSN National Center in Russia: ISSN 2782-3156 (print), ISSN 2782-3148 (online). Abstracts and metadata in English for papers are published from the first issue of the journal.

Journal of New Economy is included in the recent Russia’s List of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and titles, which publish the major research results of dissertations for a doctorate and a candidate degree.

The remit of the journal corresponds to the following specialties:

5.2.1 – Economic theory

5.2.3 – Regional and industrial economics

5.2.4 – Finance

The journal pursues the following strategic objectives:

–        to publish the papers complying  with international standards of using research methods and theoretical concepts;

–        to expand the geographical spread of authors and attract foreign scholars;

–        to constantly improve the scientific peer-review system by means of engaging a wide range of scientists in accordance with publications’ themes;

–        to create the optimal conditions for communication and interaction between authors and readers in order to encourage scientific discussions and joint research;

–        to produce a high-quality publication as an efficient tool for refining economic knowledge.

The journal is issued quarterly (four times a year).

The articles can be distributed between the following sections:

– Theoretical Basis of Economic Development and Growth

– Noonomics. Technological paradigms and global economic relations

– Macroeconomic Analysis and Factors of Economic Growth

– Transformation Processes in Economy

– Financial Instruments of Economic Growth

– Monetary System Development

– Regional Aspects of Economic Growth

– Development of Industrial Markets and Enterprises


The process of paper review and publication can take from 4 to 6 months

The journal does not charge a publication fee.

Editors have a right to reject submitted materials if:

–               they have already been published in other titles;

–               materials are not relevant to the remit of the journal;

–               papers do not provide any fresh information or are irrelevant to the scientific activity;

–               content of materials is incorrect.


Founding university and publisher:

Ural State University of Economics

Address of the founding university and publisher:

620144, RF, Yekaterinburg, 8 Marta/Narodnoy Voli St., 62/45

Registration certificate by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media PI № ФС77-75630 of April 19, 2019

ISSN 2782-3156 (Print)

ISSN 2782-3148 (Online)

Subscription index: 72059

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