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General provisions

The journal only accepts papers that are relevant to the remit of the journal. The submitted manuscripts should handle topical issues, feature scientific-practical importance and novelty.

The articles submitted to the Editorial office are subjected to peer review and should the conclusion be positive are edited. The Editorial office does not ask for the authors’ agreement on the corrections and reductions in the paper that do not involve principle issues.

The paper given back to the author for revision must be returned within the shortest possible terms accompanied with the author’s answers to the reviewer’s questions as well as with explanation to all changes made by the author.

The papers of postgraduates and applicants for candidate degrees may be admitted to the publication without co-authorship with Doctor or Candidate of Sciences; however the journal does not publish the papers written in co-authorship with undergraduate students.

The total number of authors should not exceed three persons (for international team of authors – not more than five persons).


The authors must submit to the Editorial office (an application for publication consists of the following files sent by e-mail):


1. A file entitled with the surnames of authors in Russian and containing:

1) 1–3 codes of JEL classification;

2) information about authors in Russian*;

3) keywords in Russian (5–8 words);

4) abstract in Russian (150–200 words);

5)  title of the manuscript in Russian;

6)  list of references in Russian;

2. A file entitled with the surnames of authors in English and containing:

1) information about authors in English;

2) keywords in English;

3) abstract in English;

4) title of the manuscript in English;

5) text of the manuscript in English;

6) list of references in English.

* Information about an author should include: surname, name, patronymic of an author; academic degree; academic title; job title; affiliation; postal address of the affiliation; contact phone number (with area code); e-mail. The affiliation address should be given as follows: postal code, country, city, street, building.

All indicated information is published.

Manuscript format requirements

The text should be written in *.doc or *.rtf format.

The manuscript should be between 35 000 and 50 000 characters with spaces in length not counting the references and appendices in the A4 sheet of paper.

The text should be fully justified, no hyphenation. 14-point Times New Roman font; left indent – 1.25; 1.5 space.

All pages should be numbered.

All diagrams and tables should be embedded in the text and named.

Equations, figures, and tables are numbered in the order of the appearance in the text.

Graphical elements (figures) must take into account the black-and-white format of the journal and be editable.

Requirements to reference lists and in-text citations

The list of references should predominantly include scientific papers from peer-reviewed periodicals, monographs and abstracts of dissertations. Legal documents, statistical publications and unnamed materials are not included into the list of references, if necessary they are mentioned in the text or in footnotes.

In line with the international publication standards, the recommended number of references should be not less than 30, of which not less than 50% should be indexed in Web of Science and Scopus.

Self-citations should not exceed 10%.

References are listed in alphabetical order by author surname and year. Transliterated Cyrillic references come first, followed by references in other languages in the order of the Roman alphabet. In case a DOI is available, it should be provided in the reference.

In-text citations are given in squire brackets indicating author surname (s), followed by the year of publication and, in case of direct citation, a page number. Author surnames in Cyrillic alphabet are transliterated, e.g. [Tambovtsev, 2017, p. 23]. Citing two publications simultaneously requires semicolon [Tambovtsev, 2017, p. 23; Buchanan, 2010, p. 27]. If the number of authors exceeds three, in-text citation is shortened [Buchanan et al., 2010, p. 23]. To distinguish one author’s works in the same year suffixes are added, e.g. [Buchanan, 2010a; Buchanan, 2010b]. If author surname is a part of sentence, only year and page number are given in brackets:  As V.L. Tambovtsev [2017, p. 27] puts it …




Paper requirements (pdf)


The papers that do not comply with the requirements are returned to the authors.

The publication of papers is free of charge.

The Editorial office does not pay any royalties to the authors.


In case the paper is accepted for publication, the authors should fill in and submit an application for publication.

Manuscripts should be sent to:

Editorial office

Ural State University of Economics

620144, Russia, Yekaterinburg, 8 Marta/Narodnoy Voli St., 62/45

Editorial office

Phone: +7 (343) 283-12-33

e-mail: ed.office@usue.ru

The manuscript should be between 25 000 and 40 000 characters in length in the A4 sheet of paper