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Submission checklist

The current checklist is designed to help authors with the final checking of a paper prior its submission and contains a list of necessary information.

Please, make sure that the following items are included in the submitted article:

– the paper’s title;

– complete information about the authors: surname, first name and patronymic; academic degree and academic title; job title; affiliation; postal address of the affiliation; contact phone number (with area code); e-mail. The affiliation address should be given as follows: postal code, country, city, street, building;

– structured abstract with the specified sections (see Sample of Paper Formatting) (150–200 words);

– keywords corresponding to the paper’s theme (5–8 words of word combinations; the number of words in word combination must not exceed three);

– a list of references formatted in accordance with the journal requirements;

– in-text citations for all references;

– every scholar name mentioned should be obligatorily followed by a reference to his/her work;

– JEL classification codes (3 codes maximum);

– titles and captions to all graphic elements;

– data sources (for tables, figures, text);

– high quality translation of metadata (the article’s title, abstract, keywords, references, info about the authors) included in an individual Word-file;

– pagination.



Please, make sure that the submitted article complies with the following requirements:


– graphic elements are numbered;

– one illustration fits within 1 page; illustration materials do not exceed 50% of the paper’s volume;

– mathematical expressions are numbered and have explications;

– the manuscript is between 35 000 and 50 000 characters with spaces in length not counting the references and appendices;


Similarity index is less than 25%.