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Methodology to Assess the Competitiveness of Services Sector Enterprises

Author: Nina N. Danilenko, Dr. Sc. (Ec.), Prof. of Economy & Service Management Dept; Yelena A. Arbatskaya, Jr. lecturer of Economy & Service Management Dept.

Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem of assessing services sector enterprises competitiveness. Three key factors of competitiveness were used: satisfaction, consumer loyalty and competitive potential of a firm. These factors and level of competitiveness can be measured by indexes. Calculation of these indexes is based on the information available to the majority of the enterprises of services sector. The methodology allows monitoring current level of competitiveness of services sector enterprises and exercising in-process control of competitiveness.

Key words: enterprise competitiveness; services sector; assessment of enterprise competitiveness; consumer satisfaction; consumer loyalty; competitive potential.