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Pressure-Membrane Whey Processing Technology as a Factor of Regional Food Security

Author: Viktor A. Timkin, Cand. Sc., Assistant-Prof. of Food Engineering of Agricultural Production Dept; Vladimir A. Lazarev, lecturer of Food Engineering Dept; Leonid A. Minukhin, Dr. Sc., Prof., Head of Food Engineering of Agricultural Production Dept.

Abstract: The paper explores main problems of food security of a region in a milk processing industry. The article looks at the main directions of whey processing. A method for waste-free processing of milk using pressure-membrane technology is suggested. The paper presents authors’ solutions to the ultrafiltration of whey on the ceramic membranes without anterior preparation. The optimal operational parameters of the ultrafiltration of whey are defined experimentally and confirmed in industrial environment.

Key words: milk processing; membrane technology; nanotechnology; food security; the concentration of whey; innovation; ultrafiltration; reverse osmosis.