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Izvestia of the USUE № 1 (45) 2013



Nizhegorodtsev R. M. The Educational Services Market in Tertiary Education: Institutional Filters and Traps

Kalinkin Ye. V. Higher Education Institutions in Regional System of Vocational Education


Tkachenko I. N. The Impact of Globalization on the Development of the Stakeholder Model of Cor­porate Governance

Bataeva B. S. The Role of Stock Markets in the Improvement of Corporate Governance and Corpo­rate Social Responsibility

Lavrikova Yu. G. Cluster Processes of Corporate Development in the Urals Region

Romanova O. A. Cooperation of the State, Corporations, Institutions of the Civil Society within the Frames of the National Industrial Policy

Belyaev Yu. K. Application of Compliance Instruments to Optimize Corporate Governance in Pharmaceutical Companies

Potapov A. V. The Role of Value-Based Approach in Corporate Governance for Estimating the Ef­ficiency of Russian Companies’ Activities

Pakhalchak G. Yu., Ponomareva A. V. The Role of Social Partnership in Solving the Environmental Prob­lems in Old Industrial Region

Zadorozhnaya A. N. The Study of the Role of Corporate Governance in Improving the Investment Appeal and the Credit Rating of Russian Companies

Belyaeva Zh. S. Maintaining the Balance of Interests of the State, Business and Society in Emerging Markets

Ramenskaya L. A. Post-Crisis Trends in Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions

Savchenko Ya. V., Grigoryev M. N. Methodological Approach to the Valuation of M&A Efficiency

Dolmatova I. N. Implementing Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Governance (Empirical Study in the Company of ClosedType)

Gracheva N. A. Economic Analysis of Board Members and Senior Executives’ Remuneration in Rus­sian Companies

Oganyan M. Sh., Veretennikova O. B. Controlling as the Backbone of Enterprise Management

Ankudinov A. B., Borisov D. M. Corporate Social Responsibility as a Factor for Long-Term Growth


Istomina N. A., Kargalov V. A. Financial Aspects of Planning and Placement of the State Orders in the Bodies of Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation: Problems and Directions for Develop­ment

Shatkovskaya Ye. G. Functional Spheres of Credit Organization Activities: Essence and Contents

Gorbunova N. V., Shemetov V. N. Methodology for Financial Result Information Disclosure at the Ex­ample of the Transformation of Inventories Data according to IAS

Leontyev I. L. On the Problem of Innovative-Investment Development of Regional Health Care Objects


Trofimov A. V., Buyarova T. G. Problems of Regional Specifics of Life Quality and Living Standard of the Population in the USSR and the Urals (1960–1980s) in the Russian Historiography

Stozhko D. K., Kruzhkova T. I. Basic Values of the Business World of Russia: Historical Experience of Formation and Development

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