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Izvestia of the USUE № 2 (58) 2015



Ponomaryova S. I.Formation of a New Type of Rationality in Economic Knowledge

Yefimov V. M. Original Institutionalism and Economic Education (Part II)

Antropov V. A., Mezentsev Ye. M. Development of Conceptual and Terminological Framework of Network Structures Functioning

Serkov L. A. Interaction of the Exogenous and Endogenous Shocks at the Example of the Samuelson – Hicks Model


Maramygin M. S., Prokofyeva Ye. N., Markova A. A. Economic Nature and Problems of Using Virtual Money (Cryptocurrencies)

Aleksandrov S. A., Ivanitskiy V. P. On the Definition of Efficiency of Transactions on Stock Market (Theoretical Aspects)

Bondarenko A. V. Current Problems of Monetary Policy and Economic Development of Russia in the Shot-Term Future

Shcherbakov A. A. Specifics of the Russian Market of Subfederal Bonds

Troyanskaya M. A. Key Propositions of Evaluating Tax Benefits


Ashmarina S. I., Kazarin S. V. Evaluation and Comparative Characterization of the Processes of Information Technologies Penetration in Regional Economies

Savchenko Ye. Ye. Theoretical Bases of the Study of Infrastructural Development of Regional Economy


Ozyornikova T. G. Factors of Russia’s Integration into Global Educational Space


Tkachenko I. N., Yevseeva M. V. Formation of Monitoring System of Public-Private Partnership (Case of Industrial Complex)

Sharin V. I. Personnel Reserve of the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation: Status and Prospects

Kokovikhin A. Yu., Kansafarova T. A., Borisov I. A. Application of the Contract Theory to the Analysis of the Institute of Certification of Worker’s Competence and Qualification

Kiselyova Ye. A. Comparative Analysis of Structures of Benefits and Guaranteed Benefits Packages

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