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Izvestia of the USUE № 2 (46) 2013



Mochalova L. A. Concept of Sustainable Development and Transition to the New Social-Economic Paradigm

Peshina E. V., Avdeev P. A. Methodological Approaches to the Identification of High-Tech and Knowledge-Intensive Products (Goods, Services)

Animitsa Ye. G., Denisova O. Yu. Productive Forces as Formation Bases of Territorial Structure of Economy

Ivliev I. V. Basics of the Measurement of Economy Modernization Strategies


Zysman N. I., Ilyashenko V. V. Influence of Foreign Economic Factors on Inflation in Russia

Veretennikova O. B., Panov Ye. E. Peculiarities of Bank’s Assessment of Credit Risks When Financing Holding Companies

Galimova G. A., Abdeeva Z. R. Electronic Money as the Main Tool of the Information Society Functioning

Panteleev A. Yu. Conceptual Directions for Reforming the System of Budgetary Payments in the Russian Federation

Istomina N. A., Dolganova Yu. S. Evolution of the Budgetary Legislation of the Russian Federation (at the example of the Budgetary Code): Characterizing the Changes and Their Impact on Allocation of the Regional Budgets

Guseva N. M. The Role of the Federal Budget Revenues Administration Assigned to the Federal Service of Financial and Budgetary Supervision (Rosfinnadzor) in Managing the Society and the Financial System of the Russian Federation


Privalov N. G., Leonovich A. G. The Application of Public-Private Partnership at the Enterprises of Russia’s Mineral and Raw Materials Complex

Melnikov Yu. B., Korosteleva Ye. A. Strategy as a Tool of Activity Planning


Kazakova-Apkarimova Ye. Yu. The Problem of Regional Identity of the Urals’ Population in the Political Essays and Regional Literature of the Late ХIХ – Early XX Centuries

Ivanov A. V. Social-Economic Policy of the Provisional Government in the Ural Region (August–November 1918): Studying the History of the Problem

Mokronosov A. G., Skorin A. V. Gentrification as a Factor of Individual Residential Real Estate Market Development in a Large City

Germaidze G. Ye., Оbshivalkina T. A. On the Specifics of the Problems of Secondary Vocational Education in Small Single-Industry Towns


Kuzmenko Yu. G., Greyz G. M., Kalenteev S. V. Transport-Logistic System as a Subject of Social-Economic Development of a Region

Zueva O. N. The Impact of the Logistics Service of Commodity Flows on the Final Business Performance

Shakhnazaryan S. A., Potapova S. V. The Problem of Defining the Concept “Reverse Logistics” and its Role in the Supply Chain Management

Lazarev V. A. Logistic Concept of Enterprise Management


Pirozhok A. A., Petrova S. N. Lyapunov’s Methods in the Proof of Sustainability of Economic Models


Romanov A. V. The Reasons for Involvement into Religious Cults

Yegorov V. V. Сhildren’s Culture – Problems of Identification and Analysis

Matveeva A. I. Homo Sovieticus: Myth or Reality


Donskova L. A. Conceptual Framework for the Development of Combined Meat Products