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Izvestia of the USUE № 1 (63) 2016



Kuznetsov B. L., Сhekhlov A. P.Not by Institutionalism Alone …

Shcherbakov I. V. Motivational Function of Individual Welfare

Ponomaryova S. I. Methodological Problems of Formalization in Economics


Yermakova Ye. A., Semernina Yu. V., Shcherbakov A. A. The Complex of Measures to Enhance the Functioning of the Russian Market of Subfederal Bonds

Istomina N. A. On the Concept of Budgetary Planning Development in the Subjects of Federation

Savchenko Ya. V. Transparency of Russian Banks: Problems of Evaluation and Improvement

Zadorozhnaya A. N. The Informational Cascades Theory in Debt Capacity Calculation: The Evidence from Russian Companies

Strelnikov Ye. V. The Reduced Risk Models

Kozlova A. S. The Theoretical Aspects of Dividend Policy of the Russian Companies


Ukhova A. I., Savelyeva I. P. Formation of Marketing Communications Complex in the Primary Residential Real Estate Market


Orekhova S. V., Legotin F. Ya. Mechanisms of Investment into Company Resources: Justification of the Choice and Russian Specifics

Lapitskaya L. V., Fyodorov A. I. The Diagnosis of Competitive Advantages of Shopping Malls in a Region

Savelyeva I. N., Maydanik V. I. Small Innovative Enterprises in Industry: A Methodological Approach to the Assessment of Development Opportunities

Uvarov A. V. Improvement of Government Support of Agriculture Using the Indicators of Added Value

Kireev V. Ye. Production and Monetary Efficiency of Labour in the Sectors of Russian Economy

Butsenko Ye. V. Modeling in Investment Design Using Network Methods and its Applications

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