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Izvestia of the USUE № 6 (56) 2014



Yefimov V. M.Original Institutionalism and Economic Education (Part I)

Filippovskaya T. V. Socialization of Economics in Conditions of Mutual Influence of Economics and Social Sciences

Ivliev I. V. The Methodology for Studying the Effect of “Shagreen Leather”


Krivenko N. V., Kozlova O. A., Kuznetsova N. L. Particularities of Change Management in Foreign and Domestic Health Care

Legotin F. Ya., Shishkina A. A. Theoretical Aspects and Application Practice of the Techniques for Assessing Risks of Metallurgical Enterprises

Yaroshevich N. Yu., Dubrovsky V. Zh. The Model for Forecasting Demand for Air Transportation Services in Airports in Conditions of Volatile Market


Savchenko Ye. Ye. Theoretical-Methodological Propositions of Infrastructural Development of a Region of a Resource Type

Fedotov D. Yu. Problems of Investment Activity Development in Export-Oriented Region (Case of Irkutsk oblast)

Vlasova N. Yu., Vechkinzova Ye. A. Kazakhstan’s Experience in Public-Private Partnership in the System of Industrial-Innovative Development of Territories

Lyashenko Ye. A. Evaluation of the Development Dynamics of Technology Park Structures in the Territory of Sverdlovsk oblast


Khmelnitskaya Z. B., Nikiforova Yu. V. Establishing the Logistic System of Tool Management in Russian Industrial Enterprises


Kapustina L. M., Mosunov I. D. The Four Ps and “6I” Model in Internet Marketing

Izakova N. B., Minina T. B. The Role of Relationship Marketing in Increasing the Profitability of the Organization on the B2B Market


Igisheva Ye. A., Moriy S. M. Energy Security in Modern World: Main Approaches to the Study

Yakunin O. V. Evolution of Russia’s Foreign Economic Relations in Conditions of Global Geopolitical Risks

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