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“New system” of strategic planning in Industry 4.0


Alla A. Nikonova, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Lead Researcher, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


The research aims to conceptually improve the process of developing Russia’s Strategy of scientific and technological development in conditions of the global scientific technological transformations under emerging Industry 4.0. Understanding of the object of changes as a com‑ plex socioeconomic system means that methodological basis of the research should embrace postulates of evolutionary approach and general system theory as applied to economics. For‑ mulation of the strategy is to be based on qualitative and quantitative assessments of economy’s potential with the use of the system analysis of external and internal conditions and factors. The paper highlights the necessity of strengthening systems principles in the development of the national strategy of scientific and technological development. Therefore, it is important to distinguish the stages of technological evolution of economy and corresponding peculiarities of economic interactions. From this standpoint, “new system” of strategic planning allows aligning internal logic of the system evolution with the requirements of the knowledge-based economy and Industry 4.0. Having identified trends in industrial development the author argues that global digitalisation have not created a new investment cycle in the real sector of the world economy. Application of the systems principles to assess Russia’s scientific and technological potential reveals large gaps in analytical interpretation of statistical data in this sphere. The paper presents a scheme of designing economic strategies in the changing environment that in‑ cludes elements of iterative modelling of the holistic image of designed scientific technological system. The author suggests methods for harmonious transformation of economy on the basis of systemic decisions adequate to reality and lists examples of changes in such subsystems as institutions, finance, education, science, materials and equipment, society that do not comply with systems principles. Finally, the researcher validates the prospects of developing innovative ecosystems as the basic structures of new economy. The research findings can be useful while devising national strategies of scientific and technological potential development, and for gov‑ ernment authorities planning the policies on supporting innovative activities.

Keywords: industry; strategy; system approach; new technologies; knowledge

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For citation: Nikonova A. A. “Novaya sistemnost'” strategicheskogo planirovaniya v industrii 4.0 [“New system” of strategic planning in Industry 4.0]. Journal of New Economy, 2019, vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 145–165. DOI: 10.29141/2073-1019-2019-20-2-9