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Total factor productivity in the Russian industry: Small vs large enterprises


Svetlana V. Orekhova, Ural State University of Economics

Evgeny V. Kislitsyn, Ural State University of Economics


In recent years, Russia has been beset with a problem of finding internal sources of economic growth. With this end in view, the paper investigates the role of small industrial en‑ terprises in fueling economic growth. The authors challenge a stereotyped idea that small busi‑ ness is a driver of economic development and stimulates innovations, assuming that this state‑ ment may not be true for Russia. The conceptual and methodological framework is based on neoclassical models of economic growth. The tools for the analysis of total factor productivity are selected after a careful study of existing approaches to identification of factors affecting eco‑ nomic growth of the state. The researchers calculate total factor productivity with the use of the translog production function, which allows determining the impact of technological level on value added of the object being studied. The function is chosen for the reason of low elasticity between factors of production as well as imperfect competition in the industrial markets taken for the study. The research uses the data on small, medium-sized and large enterprises in ten industrial macro-sectors of Russia’s economy for 2013–2017. The findings of the research indi‑ cate that small enterprises in Russia’s industry have far lower indicators of average and weighted average total factor productivity, than medium-sized and large enterprises. A very limited num‑ ber of leading companies produces the increase in value added of small businesses. Therefore, evidence from the Russian real sector does not confirm the opinion that small businesses have higher entrepreneurial capabilities that give birth to modern business models and technological innovations.

Keywords: industry; total factor productivity; economic growth; small enterprises; production function.

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For citation: Orekhova S. V., Kislitsyn E. V. Sovokupnaya proizvoditel'nost' faktorov v promysh‑ lennosti Rossii: malye vs krupnye predpriyatiya [Total factor productivity in the Russian indus‑ try: Small vs large enterprises]. Journal of New Economy, 2019, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 127–144. DOI: 10.29141/2073-1019-2019-20-2-8