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Izvestia of the USUE № 6 (62) 2015



Mochalova L. A.Necessary Institutional Changes During the Transition from Consumer Economy to Economy of Sustainable Development

Bazhenov G. A. Methodological Differentiation of Directions of the Austrian School: Marginalization or Integration with the Mainstream?


Yashina N. I., Ryabov A. A. The Study of the Tax Burden of the Subjects of the Russian Federation on the Basis of Budget-Forming Indicators

Likhacheva O. N. Budgeting in Russian Companies: Problems and Solutions

Izmodenov A. K., Frants O. B. The Formation and Development of Government Auditing in the Russian Federation

Finogenova Yu. Yu., Kozlov P. A. Changes in Russia’s Pension Legislation: A Review and Assessment

Tatyannikov V. A., Tyushnyakov A. V. Mobile Banking: Development Trends and Technologies

Kovalenin I. V. Operations and Transactions as an Element of Banking Service

Kuzmenko O. V., Ginzburg M. Yu. Methodology for Assessing the Efficiency of Implementation of Municipal Programs on the Basis of a Standardized Indicator

Popkov V. V. The Concept of Payment-Investment Ruble


Peshina E. V. Equalization of Fiscal Spatial Polarization in Federal State

Petrov M. B., Kazakov A. L., Maslov A. M. The Use of Hypergraph Model of the Regional Transport Network to Justify the Priority of Its Strengthening

Yergunova O. T., Smirnov S. V. Specifics of Development of Closed Administrative Territorial Units as an Object of Marketing


Kodachigov R. V. Creative Industries’ Export Promotion Strategies in the European Union


Lebedko A. G. The Innovation-Oriented Model of Oil and Gas Complex Development of Provinces at Final Stages of Development


Gafarova S. G. Economic Efficiency of the Development of Oil and Gas Fields Allowing for the Peculiarities of Azerbaijan’s Fuel and Energy Strategy

Paramonova T. N., Uryasieva T. I., Ramazanov I. A., Popova I. N. The Influence of Marketing Environment on Development of the Russian Grocery Retailers

Baksheeva A. D. The Research of the Factors behind Efficient Functioning of Higher Education Institutions Using the Analysis of the Root Causes

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