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Izvestia of the USUE № 3 (59) 2015



Dyatel Ye. P., Golomolzina N. V.The Importance of Alternative (discussing the article of V. M. Yefimov “Оriginal Institutionalism and Economic Education”)

Beryozkin Yu. M. How to Overcome the “Autism” of Economic Education in Russia

Kiseleva P. S., Ilyashenko V. V. Factors and Dynamics of Inflationary Processes in Industrial Region


Yashina N. I., Ryabov A. A. Methodological Aspects of Measuring Tax Burden Allowing for the Budget Forming Indicators

Kuznetsov A. R., Pytkin A. N. Stress-Testing in Banking Sector: Liquidity

Konoplyova Yu. A. Theories of Formation of Effective Investment Portfolio

Chebotar Yu. M. Possibilities of Sub-Federal Bonds Market in Russia

Druzhinina A. A. Peculiarities of Tax Policy in Russia in Conditions of Unstable Socio-Economic Situation


Slinkova O. K., Skachkov R. A. Analysis of Scientific Approaches to the Defining the Essence of Goal Setting and its Role in Management Process

Shkuta D. D. The Introduction of a Corporate System of Financial Risk Management as the Key to Improve the Efficiency of Innovative Activity


Dvoryadkina Ye. B., Kaibicheva Ye. I. Peripheral Urban Area in the Context of the Theories of Local Government and Spatial Development

Tugelbaeva A. A. Development of Infrastructure of Capital City within Agglomeration

Petrov Ye. A., Syomin A. N. Economic Mechanism of Innovation in Dairy Production at the Regional Level

Pustuyev A. L., Pustuyev A. A. Sustainable Food Self-Sufficiency through the Development of Rural Areas


Shakhnazaryan S. A., Zueva O. N. Research of the Costs in the Reverse Logistics Processes


Andreeva Ye. L., Ratner A. V. Effects and Tendencies for International Economic Partnership Development at the Stage of Intensive Globalization

Trifonov I. I. Practical Aspects of the Adoption of Common Currency Basket in CIS Countries


Yershov S. V. Evaluation of Structural Unemployment by Linear Programming Methods

Nazarov D. M. Fuzzy Model for Studying the Effect of Implicit Factors

Ginzburg M. Yu., Khansuvarova Ye. A., Yashin K. S. Improving the Methodology for Assessment of the Cash Flow in the State-Funded Health Facilities

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