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Evgeny V. Balatsky, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of RAS, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation


The transition to the post-industrial society is linked with the fundamental restructuring of the national economy, large-scale lay-offs and altering requirements to occupational qualification. The paper aims to determine the main thrusts of the upcoming changes. Methodologically, the research relies on the theories of vital resources and technological change. The author applies an interdisciplinary approach based on the findings from ethology, medicine, sociology, psychology, political science and economics, and methods of system analysis. In particular, he projects the theory of vital resources onto the economic development of the civilisation to elaborate on the character of the fourth vital mega-wave connected with the emergence of the industry of leisure as a dominant economic sector. The author demonstrates that such a course of events brings the managerial problem of interaction between the ruling elites and the masses to a new level. Having considered Calhoun’s law, Maslow’s pyramid of needs and Bauman’s rule, the researcher reveals social ambivalence of the economy of leisure, which has the potential for both the evolution and degradation of humankind. He discusses the initiative of the Russian government bodies to introduce a four-day working week, and points to the necessity and feasibility of this measure. The researcher suggests abandoning ambitious global projects in favour of regionalisation of the labour market when managing the economy and the higher education system. Taking into account the results of the projection of the Guex – Crevoisier matrix on the university sector, he argues that Russian universities should switch to stronger orientation towards the economic needs of the territories where they are located.

Keywords: post-industrial society; economy of leisure; vital resources; university; social ambivalence.

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For citation: Balatsky E. V. (2021). Post-industrial society and the economy of leisure: A new personnel paradigm. Journal of New Economy, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 5–23. DOI: 10.29141/2658- 5081-2021-22-4-1