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The Particularities of Migration Processes in the Far East

Author: Tatyana N. Vitsenets, postgraduate of Accounting, Analysis & Audit Dept; Yelena I. Berezhnova, Cand. Sc. (Ec.), Associate-Prof. of Accounting, Analysis & Audit Dept.

Abstract: The paper studies the specifics of decreasing population in the Far Eastern federal district caused by the decline in fertility, increase in mortality and growing intensity of migration outflow of the population mainly to the central, more prosperous in socioeconomic terms regions of the Russian Federation. The article reveals the influence of the demography on the quality of life, moral climate in the society, situation in the most important economic sectors. The authors suggest a number of priority measures to enhance the health and increase life expectancy of the population, stimulate natality and strengthen family together being able to contribute to the stabilization of the population size in the most thickly populated region of the Far East – Primorsky kray.

Key words: demographic processes; migration flows; regulation of migration processes; migration; illegal migrants.