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Formation of the Value Added of High-Tech and Knowledge-Intensive Products (Goods, Services)

Author: Evelina V. Peshina, Dr. Sc. (Ec.), Prof., Head of State & Municipal Finances Dept.; Pavel A. Avdeev, Jr. lecturer of Enterprises Economics Dept.

Abstract: The paper looks at the evolution of the theoretical propositions of the value added (from the value added of A. Smith, K. Marx to the value added in modern system of national accounts) as well as at the progressive concepts of economic, market and cash value added. The authors study world and Russian trends of the value added formation, make conclusions and proposals on how to increase the value added of high-tech and knowledge-intensive products (goods, services).

Key words: high-tech production; knowledge-intensive production; value added; gross value added; economic value added; market value added; cash value added; value-added tax.