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Innovative Approaches to Economic Evaluation of the Efficiency of Transportation Companies

Author: Yekaterina V. Konysheva, Cand. Sc. (Ec.), Sr. lecturer of Transport Economics Dept.

Abstract: Today there is a huge number of financial indicators by which you can judge of the efficiency of transportation companies’ activities. The assessment of the results obtained in their aggregate shall give the general idea of the business performance. It is necessary to develop innovative approaches to the economic evaluation of the transportation company performance which would integrate modern foreign indicators and models into the Russian reality. The paper suggests an innovative approach built on the basis of identification of the most significant indicators for transportation companies. The proposed coefficients may be used as tools for successful realization of long-term strategies and day-to-day decisions.

Key words: net working capital; financial soundness; liquidity; financial leverage; equity; turnover; profitability; receivables; bankruptcy; manager.