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Application of Fractal Approach to Regional Studies: Attributes, Criteria and Principles of Modeling of Regional Fractals

Author: Nadezhda M. Surnina, Dr. Sc. (Ec.), Prof., Head of Statistics, Econometrics & Computer Science Dept.; Yelena A. Shishkina, Jr. lecturer of Statistics, Econometrics & Computer Science Dept.

Abstract: The paper presents the results of the research carried out by the authors to study the tools of planning, governance and self-development of regional social-economic systems. The article considers the possibilities to apply fractal approach to analyze the processes of territories’ self-development. The authors specify main fractal attributes of social-economic systems as well as criteria, types and kinds of regional fractals. At the example of the Sverdlovsk oblast the authors reveal possible fractals in the structure of the regional economy.

Key words: regional economy; social-economic system; region; strategy; fractal; fractality; regional governance; self-development.