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The Influence of the Structure-Forming Components on the Shelf Life of Cosmetic Products on the Basis of Oil and Wax

Author: Natalia V. Kryukova, postgraduate of Food Biotechnology Dept.; Gennady B. Pishchikov, Dr. Sc., Director of Nutrition & Food Biotechnology Institute; Andrey S. Gavrilov, Dr. Sc. (Pharmacy)

Abstract: The study examined the impact of the structure-forming components on the quality and shelf life of the products on the basis of oil and waxes. The authors assessed the efficiency of the two methods: the orthogonal central compositional planning and the Turner’s graph applied at the development of lipstick and proved the identity of their results. The suggested ratio of components is protected by the patent and is successfully used in the cosmetic production of OOO “Concern Kalina”.

Key words: beauty products on the basis of oil and wax; melting point; degree and depth of penetration of the cone; orthogonal central compositional planning; Turner’s graph.