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Not by Institutionalism Alone …

Author: Boris L. Kuznetsov and Andrey P. Сhekhlov


The paper is the authors’ reflection on the problems related to the evolution of institutionalism considered in Vladimir Yefimov’s article “Оriginal Institutionalism and Economic Education” (Journal of the Ural State University of Economics, 2014, no. 6; 2015, no. 2) as the mainstream of economics. The authors propose expanding the conceptual framework of economic science and making economic theories converge with the practice of the XXI century. The suggestions on reformatting the economic education in Russia are put forward.

Keywords: institutionalism; complexity; market failure; technological development; efficiency.

For citation:

Kuznetsov B. L., Сhekhlov A. P. Ne institutsionalizmom edinym... [Not by Institutionalism Alone …]. Izvestiya Uralskogo gosudarstvennogo ekonomicheskogo universiteta – Journal of the Ural State University of Economics, 2016, no. 1 (63), pp. 6–10.